04 abril 2006


Uma das muitas formações que são dadas pela minha empresa é sobre a capacidade de liderança. Tenho de admitir que liderança não é um dos meus pontos fortes, mas é algo que também se aprende. Numa das minhas pesquisas na net encontrei este site http://www.leadernotes.com, onde são apresentados textos sobre capacidade de liderança, utilizando situações ou actividades do dia à dia. Uma destas actividades é o BTT. Retirei este excerto do post que pode ser encontrado em http://www.leadernotes.com/2006/04/post_8.html...

Adapt – Going uphill requires patience, balance, perseverance and burning legs and lungs. Gravity owns you. Suddenly, gravity which has been your enemy, turns friendly as you reach the summit and start downhill. The skill set required to successfully ride changes. While you no longer work against gravity, you can’t relax too much lest you find yourself in a heap from too much speed. Arms, back and shoulders are required to guide the bike as it hurls over rock, drops and turns. Terrain also causes one to adapt as your bike and required effort changes as you ride on slickrock, sand, packed trail or loose rocks.

Vision - Like skiing or snowboarding, you look for a “line” when you ride downhill on a bike. You must constantly look ahead and adjust your speed, steering and position on the bike to account for changes in the trail and terrain. Look to the side or directly in front of you (not out ahead) and you may get severely hurt. Your fellow riders may attack the trail differently or take a different line. It is not so much that there is one perfect line, you just have to find your line and commit to it. Not planning or looking ahead and a crash is the likely result.

Risk – Throughout a ride, there are many risks. Taking risks is part of the experience and admittedly part of the fun. Attempting to conquer more difficult and challenging terrain is the only way to improve. However, foolish and cavalier riding may result in serious injury to you and others on the trail. In one section of our ride, it may have resulted in death as we rode near cliffs. Assessing risk and measuring it against one’s ability is critical.

Teamwork – On one of our rides, a rider from our group had a broken chain that
could not be repaired. Finding ourselves several miles from any aid, the choices were few. Fortunately, we were near the summit. He was able to use gravity over much of the terrain to get down the hill. As we hit a flat dirt road that led us back to our vehicle, we still had miles to go. With the disabled bike and rider in the middle, two riders pushed from each side forming a “flying V” that enabled us to literally fly down the road and return to our vehicle. Incrementally, no one person expended much more energy but the combined cooperative effort resulted in a great solution.

Adapting, having vision, measuring and taking risks and utilizing the strengths of a team contributed to a great time for me in Moab. These same principles can make us all better leaders and successful in our professional endeavors.


BruMau disse...

Interessante... mesmo já conhecendo o teor deste tipo de textos é sempre bom relembrar alguns conceitos. Gostava de ver posto em prática, a técnica do flying V em caminhos estreitos, ou com desníveis.

Mike disse...

BruMau, parece que isso está mesmo muito esquecido... Volta a estudar os conceitos, porque parece que te estás a esquecer de um... "Adapt"...

Shifter disse...

Xiii, muito texto e muita "english words", aqui vai o Diacono Time :-)

"O grupo de recuperação da confiança em si mesmos reúne-se na quinta-feira, às 7 da tarde. Por favor, usai a porta de trás."

(mais uma retirada dos famosos avisos paroquiais)


nessy disse...

olha, inglês... humm... então vou ler... aaaa... pera... afinal... humm... deixa lá...


Mike disse...

Aí estão a queixar-se com o Inglês???
Então os proximos serão em Francês...

nessy disse...

lol... eu tava a blincarriii. li tudo senhô profissolii :PPP

(tu não te atrevas a mudar uma gota em função dos meus "bitaites" José Miguel Mendes!!! senão sobram orações pra mim!!...lol)

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