22 fevereiro 2006

DEUS Cranks - Race Face - Best 2005

É bem bonita esta pedaleira... leiam os comentários!!! Shifter a tua Xt tb é muita louca :)

> Best XC Cranks 2005: Shimano leads the way with integrated axle, external bearing bottom bracket crank systems, but now the others have caught up. XTR is still the leader in weight, but the chainrings evaporate in weeks and they're super pricey which makes Race Face's tougher ringed and more reasonably priced Deus XC X-Type as our premium choice.

- What MTB Magazine "Best of 2005" September 2005 issue
> It's shiny, it's light, and after a summer, fall, and little bit of winter hammering, it spins like it's brand new. For the XC racer super bent on weight, but unwilling to sacrifice durability and performance, the Deus could be your baby.

- BIKE Magazine
> "On the trail, the Deus cranks were super stiff, shifted like a dream and I could swear they were easier to spin with their lightness. I've been riding them for four months and they kick ass, despite my own lack of mechanical skill. At $319 for everything, the Deus cranks are for me. I'd buy 'em"

> Buy 'em if you are sick of crummy chainrings and are looking for incredible quality at a great price. You'll dig the stiffness too - I haven't found anything stiffer. I give 'em 4 chilis on the overall until I see what they look like after 600 miles.

- MTBR.com


Mike disse...

Já sei que pedaleira escolher quando mudar a minha...
Mas o preço é mesmo 319 dolares??
isso dá uns 300 euros...

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